M 266 Grid

     Welcome to Crystal Energy Images!  These colorful images are of Reiki energized crystals. They are a blending and expression of light, color and crystalline energies.  Each crystal is cleared, charged and given Reiki energy before being placed in sunlight.  Their expression is as unique as the viewer's response to them. 

     We invite you to enjoy the photos. They are grouped into Galleries according to crystal type.  

     Many images are available for purchase through our Etsy site as photo prints, mounted images, pendants and crystal grid mandala kits.  Visit...  My shop name is crystalenergyimages.

    Pendants are handmade using an area of a photo that looked like it had something to say...  All photos are archival quality.

*Not all of these photos and products are shown on Etsy, but ALL are available for purchase.  Contact us if the image or product you are interested in is not shown.* 

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